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If you're in the Northern Hemisphere; (U.S, Canada, Mexico, and South America) and are looking for outstanding ozone systems services that are safe and effective, your search stops here.

Ozone Systems Services Group Inc. is a privately held company that is staffed with well-experienced and highly skilled specialists. We are the trusted provider of equipment, utilities and consulting services to industrial, and commercial clients.
Water treatment (disinfection, taste and odor removal) and air odor mitigation is integral to any relevant business. The effective process of treatment and sanitization keeps water systems and the environment healthy for all stakeholders. We at Ozone Systems Services Group Inc. ensure that your goals and expected results are met. With proper applications and processes, our effective solutions for your water disinfection and taste and odor mitigation needs provide excellent results you can trust.
Here at Ozone Systems Services Group Inc ., we take pride in our innovative technology applied to our wide variety of ozone water treatment systems. Our products, systems and services are guaranteed safe and effective to cater to your specific needs. These products, systems and services are well-designed to provide solutions for disinfecting portable water, waste water treatments,  among others.
We are committed to providing ozone systems that are high-quality to meet your specifications. Over the years, we have scaled up our operations to continuously upgrade our ozone systems, products and services. As we broaden our trusted presence in the industry, we expand our range of products to cater to various needs from the simple ozone systems to the complex utilities and systems of commercial and industrial clients. We focus on excellent results through our solutions that go through in-depth analysis of what our clients need. Providing the appropriate solutions for the exact need is what our company is all about.
Ozone Systems Services Group Inc. brings to the industry 30+ years of extensive experience and expertise that provide total ozone systems services. Our dedication to excellence, high quality and personalized service become the strong foundation of our success in building your success as well

So if you're in the Northern Hemisphere; (U.S, Canada, Mexico, and South America), and are in need of outstanding ozone systems services from the experts, you can be sure of Ozone Systems Services Group Inc

Our Clients

Our Services

  • Drinking Water Treatment Facilities (Ozonation)
  • Wastewater treatment facilities (Ozonation)
  • Chemical companies (Ozonalysis / Ozone Oxidation)
  • Paper mills (Paper and Pulp Bleaching)
  • Textiles / Fabric Industry (Bleaching, Fabric Reclamation)
  • Food Industry (Water Reclamation and disinfection)
  • Pilot Scale Testing and Evaluation of Processes
  • Ozone System Sizing
  • Performance Testing
  • Safety Training, P&I Review and What If Analysis
  • Refurbishment and Renovation of Ozone Systems
  • Service and Repair of Ozone Systems
  • Engineering of Ozone Systems and Replacement of Old Equipment
  • Renovation of Ozone system PLCs
  • Service and Refurbishment of Ozone Vessels and Power Supply Units
  • Refurbishment of Refrigeration and Desiccant Dryers
Our Products.
OSSGI maintains an inventory of spare parts for Emery/Trailigaz Systems. The pictures show some of the spare parts in our inventory. Please refer to the Ozone Systems Products section for more details.
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