Ozone Systems Services Group Incorporated 
Since 2000
OSSGI was established in the year 2000 by a group of like minded engineers with expertise in the design and service of ozone equipment.
The company is located in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. The location is equidistance from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus airports for ease of travel. With a large warehouse and a shop at this location OSSGI is well positioned to supply the needs of the Ozone market.

The principal partner of OSSGI, Dr. Rehman earned a PhD in engineering from Oklahoma State University and a Masters Degree from University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Rehman has been actively involved in the Chemical imdustry and Water Treatment fields for the 30 years; fifteen of them with Emery Trailigaz Ozone. In 2007, Dr. Rehman had the foresight to acquire the OEM spare parts inventory of Emery/Trailigaz Ozone Systems from ITT Wedeco to significantly increase the presence of OSSGI in the hardware market for the Emery/Trailigaz Ozone Systems. This presence in the hardware market exclusively positions OSSGI such that it can work with all of the major Ozone Equipment suppliers. OSSGI has installed equipment by all major Ozone equipment manufacturers. 
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Morrow, Ohio 45152
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