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Ozone System Services​

Pilot Scale Testing 

Ozone System Sizing

OSSGI has a skid mounted ten pounds per day ozone plant complete with an air to oxygen conversion system.
This skid mounted system: is self contained, totally enclosed and can be installed outdoors . It needs a clean and dry air source, cooling water supply and power. It can produce up to ten pounds per day of ozone.
Contacting systems can be designed to match the customer's needs. Ozone safety and concentration monitors are mounted on the skid to evaluate ozone production, and to develop material balances, in a safe manner. OSSGI has used this pilot skid system on many sites to conduct pilot studies. Normally, OSSGI shall facilitate transportation of the skid to sites, help set up the system, and teach the client how to run the system. Recently, the system was setup in Mobile, Alabama to collect data on an odor mitigation project.
Sometimes, it is not practical to run a pilot system on site. Our customers sometimes prefer to send refrigerated water samples that reflect changing conditions in quality of the surface water as the weather changes. We analyze these samples and develop Ozone Decay curves. This data along with other analytical information is used to size an ozone production and contacting system for a full scale plant. Recently, one such project was successfully started in Arkansas. The testing phase of the project went on for about 8 months. 

Safety Training And "What If" Analysis

Performance Testing

Process safety is of prime concern in the production of Ozone. A neutral entity like OSSGI is often contacted to conduct safety training of the operating personnel, and fire and safety departments. OSSGI has provided this service for over 15 years.
"What If" analysis is a tool used by the chemical industry to assure safe design of the system. often times, this is done during the Process and Intrumentation diagrams review. This activity is lead by OSSGI for the client. With the guidance of the client, the Process and Instrumentation diagrams are reviewed line by line. This is done to assure that the process is safe and operable when it goes into operation. It is very expensive to make changes to hardware during and after construction. It can adversely impact project cost and schedule. The activity is a take off from the chemical and refinery industry. We specialize in it because our principal partner, Dr. Rehman spent over 30 years of his career in activities related to design/development and project management of refining and chemical processes.
Ozone equipment performance criteria is specified by the customer/consulting engineer. When the system is complete and ready for testing, OSSGI is contacted by the customer to help conduct the performance testing. A protocol is generated and evaluated, and the activity begins with collection of data, ending with the final analysis of the data. OSSGI has conducted performance testing on several projects.

Engineering/Replacement Of Ozone Systems

OSSGI has installed Ozone systems manufactured by all major ozone equipment manufacturers. We have designed and helped install several Ozone systems throughout North and South America. Often times, such a project starts with project definition, development of Process flow diagrams, and material balances. This information finally leads to the development of equipment sizes and specifications. Ozone equipment plays a key role in the design of the overall water treatment facility. Proper equipment selection criteria can go a long way towards the cost control of the project and operability of the final plant. OSSGI has designed several Ozone facilities by interfacing with the local engineering contractors who are responsible for piping, civil, and mechanical erection of equipment. This division of labor helps the customer lower the project costs and assures selection of good equipment for the service.
Because of our familiarity with Ozone equipment, we can provide savings to the client by not recommending a wholesale replacement of the equipment, but instead, only those pieces of equipment that are a bottleneck in the system. Our engineering expertise has helped many clients save on equipment and installation costs on many projects. 

Renovation Of Ozone System PLC's/PLC Programming/Graphics

Some of the Ozone equipment control systems are showing their age, and the control hardware is becoming obsolete. We are increasingly called upon to refurbish the field instrumentation and the control panels with new state-of-the-art instrumentation. OSSGI replaces the old hardware with new hardware and refurbishes the old PLC controls with the state-of-the-art graphics and PLC. PLC hardware is of customer choice. We can work with all major PLC manufacturers. The system is reprogrammed and the interlocks are set-in to assure that the system operates in a safe manner under all conditions. We have refurbished serveral of these systems.

References available upon request. 

Service/Refurbishments Of Ozone Gernerator Vessels And Power Supplies

OSSGI has saved many an Ozone vessel from obsolescence by repairing the vessels, removing corrosion products, and reinstalling new SS tubes and Dielectrics. We stock and can supply all of the components for the Emery and Trailigaz type systems. We clean the vessels, and refurbish the power supply systems by replacing defective components. We have repaired/re-welded Ozone vessels to remove corrosion products; and we can re-manufacture the Ozone vessels. 

Refurbishment Of Desiccant And Refrigerant Dryers

 Air based Ozone systems are maintenance intensive and need special expertise to repair them. We have refurbished many Refrigerant and Desiccant Dryers which are part of the Ozone system. We have the capability to analyze the old desiccant and recommend replacement if warranted. Obsolete instrumentation is replaced with state of the art instrumentation. After the repair, the system is started and tested.

Pilot Testings/ Evaluation of Processes

OSSG Inc. made an investment and procured ten pounds per day Ozone Generator skid complete with an air to Oxygen conversion system. The system is skid mounted and enclosed such that it can be installed out doors. With a clean dry air source and a cooling water source and power the system can make up to Ten Pounds per day ozone. The skid is self contained and has Ozone safety and concentration monitors installed on it to help develop material balances. We have used the system in many on site locations to conduct process studies. OSSG Inc. helps transport and set up the system and or run the system until such time the data is collected. The system was in Mobile Alabama area recently at a location to help develop data for odor control and particulate mitigation. 

Process Sizing Installatoin and Start Up of Ozone Systems

Because of changes in the environmental conditions a customer wants to conduct periodic testing through out the year to look at Ozone load during significant environmental events affecting water quality. On site pilot testing is expensive OSSGI if requested can do sample analysis and develop Ozone demand/ Ozone decay curves under varying conditions of Ozone demand as affected by the changes in the environment. These studies can lead to the development of a footprint for a new Ozone system. One such study was done for a utility in the South west. After one year of data collection and analysis an Ozone system was sized, procured, and started up for the utility by OSSGI. On this project OSSGI worked with a local civil and structural engineering firm to do civil and structural work and under guidance of OSSGI the ozone system was installed and started up successfully about a year ago.  

Spare Parts for Ozone and destruct Systems

 Market place for Ozone has gone through a number of changes over the years. Some of the manufacturers/suppliers of Ozone systems are no longer supporting their systems and for several years OSSGI has been supplying spare parts for the Emery Trailigaz Ozone systems. In 1998 OSSGI bought the OEM spares inventory of Emery Trailigaz systems from ITT WEDECO and has been exclusively supplying spare parts and repair services for these systems. Pictures of the full compliment of spares for the generator system is shown here. OSSGI also supplies components for the Ozone vessels and the power supply units. OSSGI carries, in their warehouse, significant number of these spare parts and various types of dielectrics to meet customer needs. 

Hard to Find Replacement Parts for Ozone and Destruct Systems

Sometimes it is more practical to replace a non functioning part with a reengineered part to meet the exacting demand of the system. Often times OSSGI shall reengineer the components to meet the rigorous demands. OSSGI also, can perform a failure analysis of the component,
if required, prior to its refurbishment and or replacement.

Studies and Evaluations Reports

Some times the customers or a utility does not have the man power to dedicate to trouble shoot a non performing system. More than once OSSG Inc. has been called upon to debottleneck a system and make recommendation on modifications to the system. One such study resulted in recommendations to down size the system and led to installation of a smaller Ozone system with a good payback (ROI). OSSG Inc. sized the new system and help the owner procure the system and helped in installation and start up of the Ozone/destruct system on the west coast.